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DLX DESIGN ACADEMY is a design innovation education program, open to all people who aim to create the future.  


DLX DESIGN ACADEMY is a design program led by the Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo (IIS) in association with the Royal College of Art (RCA).


DLX DESIGN ACADEMY realizes “Design Innovation Programs” based on the knowledge of the design engineering and the science and technology provided by RCA and IIS.


DLX DESIGN ACADEMY programs are not only for designers.  They are effective for product development, R&D, new business development, management strategies, education; all those professions and functions related to creativity.  Students are also welcome.

What you can learn


RCA is recognized as the world’s best graduate school in design and art.  The latest design and innovation methodology is continuously polished in RCA.  In DLX DESIGN ACADEMY you can systematically learn it directly from RCA.


IIS is one of the largest research centers in Japan.  More than 1,000 researchers from inside and outside of Japan are devoted to the study of forefront sciences covering all fields of engineering.  This means our design programs are strongly supported by solid engineering knowledge.  Highly qualified engineering is an element indispensable not only for the technology innovation but also for wider scope of value innovation and value creation.


Trends and philosophies around design and innovation are constantly changing around the globe.  DLX DESIGN ACADEMY, from its global point of view, curates the complex trends and presents methods worth learning.  It also provides methods of innovation attuned to the global market.



Design expertise or experience is not necessary.  The programs are effective for all professions and functions if they are related to creativity, such as product development, R&D, business development, management strategy and education among others.  Obviously though it’s also very effective for professional designers.


It’s supposed to be effective not only for manufacturing, but also business consulting, service, ad and communication, research centers, educational institutions, government offices, etc.  Students are also welcome.  

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