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Terms & Conditions

Please note the following terms and conditions for taking part in a DESIGN ACADEMY workshop and other events:

DESIGN ACADEMYワークショップや各種イベント参加に際しては以下の諸条件にご留意下さい。

  • All intellectual property produced during the DESIGN ACADEMY workshops is owned by the creators and if the creators decide to commercialize their ideas or concepts then they need to respectfully negotiate a commercial deal between themselves to do so. DESIGN ACADEMY will not get involved in such discussions.  
    ワークショップ開催中に発生した知財権利は、その作品の作者に帰属します。ワークショップ中に得られたアイデアを商品化する場合、関係者間で適宜取り決めを行っていただきます。DESIGN ACADEMYはこの交渉や結果には関与しません。


  • DESIGN ACADEMY reserves the right to use images of works and participants without limitation for educational purposes and marketing of DESIGN ACADEMY.  
    DESIGN ACADEMYは、ワークショップ内で撮影した作品や参加者の写真・映像を、教材またはマーケティング目的で使用する権利を有します。


  • All participants should be 21 years or older.  
    DESIGN ACADEMYワークショップの参加者年齢は21歳以上とします。


  • We will confirm your place on the workshop only once we have received the entire fee (at the advertised rate). The entire fee must be transferred to the account as instructed (receipts will be supplied upon request). If we don’t receive the entire fee we may have to cancel your registration.


  • Please make sure you pay all bank charges associated with the transfer of the fee.  


  • If you decide to cancel, you must ensure that you notify us in writing (email will be fine). やむなくキャンセルする場合は、必ずeメールなど書面にて連絡をお願いします。


  • If you cancel within 40 days of the workshop then you will not be refunded your fee. 


  • If you cancel more than 40 days before the workshop, we can return your entire fee less 10% for management costs. 


  • If you have to cancel within 40 days of the workshop and if we have an alternative participant or you can change your place with someone else then we can return your entire fee less 10% for management costs.  


  • If someone from the Workshop delivery team cannot join the event (e.g. due to illness or personal issue) then we reserve the right to change the content of the Workshop or change the team.  


  • We need a certain minimum number of people to run a workshop. If we don’t reach that number 1 month before the beginning of a Workshop, then the Workshop will be cancelled. All registered participants will be informed. If we cancel a Workshop, then any fees paid will be refunded.  However additional costs such as travel and accommodation will not.


  • DESIGN ACADEMY is not liable for any damage to people or property caused by force majeure, sovereign acts of any government, acts of nature or by third parties.
    DESIGN ACADEMYは、自然災害や国家または第三者により生ずる不可抗力が人や所有物にもたらすいかなる損害についても、一切責任を持ちません。

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