Gaetano Ling

IDEO (Palo Alto)プロダクトデザイン・リードとしてテクノロジーのヒューマン化に従事した後、現在はGoogleにて Senior Device Interaction Designer として活動。先端のテクノロジーを使った新たな五感体験を10年以上にわたって追求している。彼のデザイン、デジタル、工学をまたぐ活動には、”Thinking through making” (手を動かして考える)姿勢が一貫している。

Gaetano Ling is a multidisciplinary product designer who has, according to himself, somehow managed to make a career out of curiosity and tinkering. With formal experience in design for manufacture and mechanical engineering, he also obtained a double MA & MSc degree in Innovation Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College in 2011. Since then, he's applied a range of end-to-end making skills, from rapid digital/physical prototyping to dfm, towards several products you might have seen out in the world. Currently he is a Senior Device Interaction Designer at Google, after humanizing technology as a product designer at IDEO in Palo Alto, California.