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Dylan Yamada-Rice

Senior Tutor in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art

Senior Lecturer Immersive Storytelling, MMU




I am a researcher and artist. I specialise in digital storytelling, games and play on a range of platforms such as apps, augmented and virtual reality, as well as new content for television, all with an emphasis on media for children. To do so I conduct research that crosses academia and the kids media industry. Often using a combination of methods from social sciences combined with those from art and design. I also use graphic narratives to analyse data, think through drawing and tell stories.

As an artist I use drawing, film photography and Virtual Reality to explore experimental visual and multimodal methods as part of the research process. In this way I take an Information Experience Design approach to including participants in the research process, also to connect data findings [the information] to design and production [the experience].

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