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Clive Grinyer

デザインコンサルタントとして、英国政府のPolicy Lab、Cisco、Orange、Samsung、IDEO、Barclays Bankなどの数々の企業、組織をリード、サービスにおける成功へと導く。ロイヤル・カレッジ・オブ・アートではサービスデザインの Head of Programme としてプログラムを統括する。Apple最高デザイン責任者Jony Ive(ジョナサン・アイブ)とともにデザインコンサルタンシー Tangerineを立ち上げたことでも名を知られる。Creative Review(英国)2018

Clive is Head of Programme for Service Design at the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London. At the RCA he leads the teaching and research activities for the pioneering and influential course that develops human centered solutions with social, government, healthcare, financial and industrial partners.

He was previously Director of Service Design at Barclays Bank where he introduced service design and built a team that combined customer insight and agile design methodology to transform customer experience and develop new services.  As a consultant Clive develops digital and strategic transformation for business and public sector bodies including the Policy Lab in the UK Government Cabinet Office, Nesta, Innovate UK and service and data centered businesses and organisations.

At the technology company Cisco Clive led innovation projects for their major customers in financial services, retail and public services. He set up the European Design Office for Samsung and has also led award-winning design teams for Orange, consultancy IDEO in the US and was the founder of the design consultancy Tangerine along with Apple design chief Jony Ive.


In 2018 Creative review placed Clive in their Top 50 and described Clive as “a passionate advocate for the transformational potential of design for some three decades. Today’s focus on the value of digital product design and on design’s value in leading customer experience in the UK is, in large part, due to his work."

Clive is an acknowledged expert in design thinking, digital and technology innovation, service design and customer experience, He has published research papers on blockchain and service design, speaks at international conferences, write articles and blogs and has published the book “Smart Design” on design and technology. He has been a trustee of the Royal Society of Arts, is a Visiting Professor at Glasgow School of Art and Chair of the DBA Design Effectiveness Award.


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